I Cant Make This Stuff Up

I have had a lot of bizarre experience occur during my life time, making things to write about come very natural & easy to me.  Truthfully I really don’t feel like I have to have any kind of scientific explanation for them, chalking it up under the umbrella that houses the belief in God &Continue reading “I Cant Make This Stuff Up”

i really do believe that some of our major shit is meant to happen FOR US

I used to subscribe to the belief that the appearance of negative things happening to me that were out of my control, were essentially going to end up taking me down and destroying me..in truth for a temporary moment they sure as hell felt like it, believing i was having an emotional temporary bodyquake breakdown..the truth was, all the happened shit has brought me toContinue reading “i really do believe that some of our major shit is meant to happen FOR US”


Sometimes we abandon our dreams and with it our ambitions because life gets in the way making it difficult to walk away from our responsibilities..there is a time and place for everything meant to happen and it is up to us to see the signs being sent as a universal highlight in hopes to GainContinue reading “SPIRITUAL ELEcTRICAL TRANSITION”

“Hi, its me the boy from the banana fields”

Have you ever been so down and out in your personal relationships, that you know in your heart of hearts that it has to be better than this..i was twice divorced in the years in between my encounter with Eran and a couple of failed relationships later..on paper I must have looked like a fucking hot mess, queContinue reading ““Hi, its me the boy from the banana fields””