I gave myself a raise..perks of being my own boss!

I did something wild, unapologetic actually and finally upped my manicuring price after 10 years from $18 to $20 starting May 1st giving myself a long over due pay raise..The truth was, I have been undercharging my worth and the value of the services I provide to my clients out of fear of being rejectedContinue reading “I gave myself a raise..perks of being my own boss!”


https://www.spreaker.com/episode/13924604   I cohost a weekly podcast with a friend of mine dori every Monday morning.. here is our latest podcast talking about new years resolutions and our feelings with the negative and positive energies surrounding the intention and results of the making and the breaking of this controversial undertaking.. we love and encourage feed back and ideasContinue reading “resolutions?hmm”

we are solely responsible for our own happiness

some times, life sets us up some really rocky experiences that coincide with our energetic behavior giving us a full does of what actual chaos looks like, even when we are emotionally unprepared and ill equipped to deal with the repercussions of our internal behavior..our sabotaging tendencies come into full effect when we are emotionally decidingContinue reading “we are solely responsible for our own happiness”

Sometimes life forces us to accept people for exactly who they are, especially when we transition into adulthood.  The most beautiful thing about freedom of this CHOICE is,  it allows for us to answer the many questions within ourselves about our continued participation in relationships that often times leave us feeling beat up & exhausted.  The truthContinue reading

because some things in life are made for you to fight for, and this was my ONE..

I think sometimes we can make our greatest decisions without ever giving them too much thought without polluting the pureness of its simplicity while keeping it intact..The ripping apart and examining it to pieces, interrogating every aspect of a potential opportunity, shredding it up and feeding it to everyone for an opinion will in the end make it look and feel like aContinue reading “because some things in life are made for you to fight for, and this was my ONE..”