National Adoption Awareness Month ~ Behind Closed Doors

I was adopted into a generational abusive dysfunctional family, having a narcissist for a mother & an enabler as a father.   Each one of their 3 adopted children were groomed & designed to play out of the roles designated by the monarch.  We unknowingly & willingly took turns throughout our lives in a triangulation of the goldenContinue reading “National Adoption Awareness Month ~ Behind Closed Doors”

a statistic of the #ME TOO…

ive had a “couple” of situation that allows me to identify with this hashtag ME TOO movement that is currently circulating the internet right husband is aware of the abuse that i had encountered prior to us being together and has pushed me to openly discuss one of them in particular in a therapy session to give light to the type of abuseContinue reading “a statistic of the #ME TOO…”