I dare you to let go of one thing that scares you the most..

Do you ever wonder what life could be like if we weren’t overly attached by the power of the whys we choose to hold on to things so tightly, squeezing the shit out of them afraid to let them go..people, beliefs, wealth, situations that we feel so obliged to essentially beg for as the cardContinue reading “I dare you to let go of one thing that scares you the most..”


I have had a bloggers block lately, not really that’s a lie but I cant write about half of the shit I would like to write about because they aren’t so politically nice and possibly personally offensive..truthfully, I think a lot of people can serve you a dish of shit and then be offended when you push it back in theirContinue reading “LOVE ALWAYS WINS”

When Spirit Shows Up For You.

Sometimes life grants us the opportunity to dip our self into the other world of the unknown, opening the space of your intuitive energy with snidbits of information as a sensory gateway to your past, present & future communication.  It has the ability to share messages of possibilities & ideas, allowing one to feel, see, hear,Continue reading “When Spirit Shows Up For You.”

sometimes, we become so complacent in our comfort

I have felt a bit uninspired the last few day, and not because there are a lack of words to share, that’s just completely impossible LOL, it was just a lack with in the intent to which I try to spread my content..im a pretty positive person who try’s to always see the goodness in someone or a situation..i tryContinue reading “sometimes, we become so complacent in our comfort”

the dialog between those who have crossed over and that of the spirit world

yesterday I had my monthly tarot meet up class, which I am always so overly geeked about going to..for me, its like the equivalent of taking a child to Disneyland for the day..i  have been going to this place in Ferndale Michigan called the Boston Tea Room for a while now and have had great success in developing and owningContinue reading “the dialog between those who have crossed over and that of the spirit world”

My deck of Tarot

I got my first deck of Tarot Cards around the bright age of 13, after reading about them while at the library doing “homework” as a kid.  I would spend the majority of my time in the occult section trying to reading everything I could get my hands on. I was obsessed with it all,Continue reading “My deck of Tarot”